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The Checklist

A recent conversation with Single Girl, Annie:
Background: Annie is lamenting a recent breakup. She knew he wasn’t right for her. She knew there was no hope of getting back together. And deep down, she kind of knew that he was already seeing someone else. Ouchie.
“What makes him so special?” I asked her.
“Oh, you know, he’s smart, funny, really good at what he does, into good music, and super cute. That’s all I want.”
“You want The Checklist, plus one more thing…”
“How bout someone who’s nice to you?”


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Dating Tips…on The Elephant Journal!

Hello all!

I’m so proud of this article! It’s the first of many installments on The Elephant Journal. Because yogis need dating tips! Enjoy!!!



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Check out my latest HEART OF YOGA entry on the Mala Blog!

I find that life can be SO darn simple sometimes. Don’t you?

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Yoga for the Single Girl: Date Night!

Yoga. For the Single Girl. What’s that all about?

Maybe you’ve seen the links on facebook, or a mention or two on Well&GoodNYC. Maybe you heard a post-class shout out, and you’re curious. But you were too shy to ask. Or thought, “No, that’s not me.”

What’s a Single Girl, anyway?

If you’re dating, you’re a Single Girl. If you’re NOT dating, you’re a Single Girl. If you’re dating the person who will become your life partner, you’re probably not a Single Girl.

What’s Yoga for the Single Girl?

Yoga for the Single Girl is a welcoming, safe space to find yourself, your friends, and a new perspective on relationships, dating, and love.

So, what really happened?

We walked through the doors of Mala Yoga as individual Single Girls, navigating life, work, and relationships without an Operations Manual or an even infographic to help orient us. But once inside, we talked. We heard each other. We saw each other. We moved. And we made new friends. We came together as a group. And we were reminded that we’re not alone.

Sounds great! Date Night?

Close your eyes. And imagine your perfect date.

  • Easy conversation? Check.
  • Great venue with just the right ambiance? Check.
  • Deep connections, with lots of laugher? We got that too.

Yoga for the Single Girl: Date Night is the date that you really want to go on! We start with an empowering, warming, FUN yoga class to connect you to the great love of your life—YOU.

Giddy on yoga, deep breathing, and the Single Girls’ encouragement, we step out of the studio, and out on the town!

On this date, you can be the life of the party. Or you can be a wallflower, if you want to. You can relax, knowing you’ll never say the wrong thing, or mention your ex-boyfriend a few too many times in the conversation. There are no faux-pas on Date Night. Only new friends, lots of giggles, and some practical, take-home dating advice and tips to boost your dating confidence, for good measure!

See you on Date Night!




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8 Ways to STOP Worrying About Scaring Him Away!

You’ve got a new guy. You’ve been dating for a little less than a month. You’re passed the “will there be a next date?” phase. And you’re pretty sure you’re hanging out this weekend. OK, so it’s only been 27 days (who’s counting?!) but it already feels like you’ve been together forever. 

You want to love him up, declare your commitment, and tell him how much he means to you.

But you don’t. Because you’re worried you’ll scare him away. 

How do you STOP worrying about scaring him away? START doing all the things that scare you about scaring him off:

1. Tell him how great he looks in that jacket.

2. Kiss him in the middle of the street, in front of his friends.

3. Invite him out to dinner with your best girlfriend and her new fiance.

4. Hold hands.

5. Initiate Sex.

6. Share a personal story about yourself, one that only your BFF knows about.

7. Ask him about his dreams–career and otherwise.

8. Whisper in his ear, “You’re very special to me.”

Remember, you are a nice, loving creature. That’s why your guy likes you so much. Give it up freely, and enjoy all the delicious, gooey, romance that follows! And most definitely report back.


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Waiting for a Personal Invitation

Every August, I head up to the Catskills for a weekend-long yoga retreat. This isn’t just any retreat, it’s the Goddess Retreat–all ladies, all ages, some newer to yoga, and some practicing for lifetimes. Despite our differences, we have one thing in common–we all want fill up our energetic tank, so to speak, so we can return to the city more refreshed, and better than when we left.

On these retreats, all the ladies are encouraged to bring their specific talents to the mix. Some sing, some cook, some whip up all-natural facial masks, while some run workshops on storytelling and writing. I’ve always enjoyed these eclectic offerings, but never contributed.

That is, until I got a personal invitation.

I got the gentle nudge from the Goddess Supreme to share my good stuff with the group. And from the moment she proposed it, I knew it was right. Of course–I would offer dating coaching sessions!! How perfect! How appropriate! HOW FUN!

But more importantly, how in the world had I not seen this before?!

Well, if you’re anything like I am, you might be waiting for a personal invitation for more things than you realize. And if you’re as lucky as I was in this example, you’ll get your invitation and you’ll run with it.

But why wait for an invitation? If you have something you’re thrilled about, the invitation is always there.

It’s the same with dating. Are you waiting to be noticed? Are you waiting for the guy across the room to approach you? Or are you waiting for your current boyfriend to tell you how awesome you are before you can really believe it?

WHY?! You already know you’re awesome. Instead, why not go out knowing that men want to meet you, get to know you, and date you.

No invitation necessary!

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What My Ex-Boyfriend #7 Taught Me: A Series of Bright Sides

My Ex-Boyfriend #7 taught me:

I could be a psychic friend.

After we broke up weeks could pass, sometimes months, when I wouldn’t think of him. And then for no specific reason, some ridiculous quote, or an unrelated conversation in passing would trigger a memory of him again.

Without fail, he would text the following day. Every time. Like clockwork.

Does this happen to anyone else? I guess I’m weird.

Or just psychic.

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What My Ex-Boyfriend #6 Taught Me: A Series of Bright Sides

My Ex-Boyfriend #6 taught me:

Artistic talent is NOT the same as emotional intelligence.

How many times did I manage to miss this one?

Musicians, photographers, artists of all kinds–they’re no wiser, or emotionally together than anyone else. Even though they can belt out a gorgeous tune, or create a pretty picture, they can still be petty, insecure, and just plain retarded in relationships.

Some talents just don’t translate.

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Top 10 Dating Tips: From Me, To Me.


Hello my loves! I’m so ridiculously thrilled to present the Top 1o Dating Tips: From Me. To Me.!

Here’s the Deal: I have the honor of interviewing the bestest women on the planet for The Dating Project. And at the very end of these interviews, when the pen is down, the book is closed, the interview is ov-ah, I’ve been slipping in one more teensy-weensy little question:

“What Advice Would You Give Your 10-Year-Younger Self?”

Here’s what our women said:

1. Don’t force the relationship you’re in now because you’re scared of the future.

2. Let go and see what the future holds.

3. There is plenty of time.

4. Don’t forget to shave your legs. You never know what will happen.

5. Don’t waste your energy getting upset with your ex-boyfriend. Just leave.

6. Sarcasm rarely works the way you want it to. Just be honest instead.

7. “If you would be loved, be lovable.” I got that in a fortune cookie. It still holds true.

8. It gets so much better, you wouldn’t even believe it if I told you.

9. Learn to “date yourself.”

10. Just say “thank you” when someone gives you a compliment.

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Yoga for the Single Girl Wrap-Up: Rocked the House!

Well, that rocked the house! The Yoga for the Single Girl Workshop blew my mind, and the went way past my expectations.

What made it so special?

The Single Girls, of course! They were open. And supportive. And complete love-monkeys who wanted to help, and listen to each other.

Was there complaining? Yes, a little.

But underneath it all was a silent understanding: Single Girls opt for positivity. Thank you to all the Single Girls who helped make the Yoga for the Single Girl Workshop kick-off a giddy success.

Next Yoga for the Single Girl Workshop will be in the Fall. Stay posted for exact dates, coming soon.

Till then, lots of love, hot dogs, fireworks and FREEDOM. Happy 4th of July!


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